Expat Advice

Expat Advice

If you require advice or representation in English, corum Rechtsanwälte can provide that expertise. Having been expats ourselves in the United States and in the United Kingdom, we know what aspects of German law might be difficult to comprehend for foreigners.

Our dedicated expert in this area is Mr. Ray Migge, lawyer and certified translator, who has lived as an expat in London, Plattsburgh (NY) and Washington D.C. as well as Barcelona. He regularly publishes articles and blog posts on legal issues expats frequently encounter in Germany.

Mr. Migge advices amongst others on:

  • German labor law
  • German tenancy and land law
  • German company law
  • German trade law
  • IT-law and data protection law

Feel free to visit our English website to get further insights into our areas of expertise or visit our English news section dedicated to Expats.

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