Labor law in Germany – What you need to know about working hours, breaks and overtime

Labor law in Germany regulates the rights and obligations of employers and employees. German employment law also sets rules on working time. This article provides an overview of the most […]

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19.02.2024 | Employment Law, General

International aspects of German employment law – What you need to know

German employment law regulates the relationship between employers and employees and aims to create a fair and equitable labor market. But when is German labor law applicable? Does German labor […]

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14.02.2024 | Employment Law, General | employment law, german employment law

Corona – Financial aid for companies, self-employed and freelancers in Germany

A summary of the assistance provided by the German and NRW governments to ensure liquidity in companies and businesses during the Corona crisis in Germany. (last update: 25.03.2020) Table of […]

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26.03.2020 | Corona, General

Privacy statement and accountability for corporate sites on Facebook & Co – Data protection authority deletes Twitter account

The data protection scandals surrounding Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, Google and Amazon, as well as the introduction of the basic data protection regulation (DSGVO) on 25 May 2018, give rise to […]

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28.01.2020 | General

Rent Deposits in Germany – What You Need to Know

When renting an apartment in Germany most landlords require tenants to pay rent deposits before moving in. What is a deposit and why do I have to pay it?  The deposit […]

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09.01.2019 | General, Rental Law